City of Residence: Cottonwood Heights

Resident For: 25 years

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Committed to the Community

The desire to see effective local control of vital community issues, prudent budgeting, and approachable government, was the motivation behind my successful election to the inaugural City Council.  

Those desires have been realized many times over. My role in local critical decisions, such as improving:

  • Public Safety
  • Additional Parks and Trails and Open Space
  • More focused Public Works and
  • realizing Clean Air results through emissions reductions have been significant in maintaining our lifestyle.

Our city runs a very tight and balanced budget so that even in difficult financial times, providing quality services is accomplished sensibly. Prudent tax/fiscal management is my hallmark.

Cottonwood Heights is a premier place to live. My experience, knowledge, integrity, and track record of success in implementing solid decisions make me the obvious choice for City Council District 2. 


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City of Residence: Cottonwood Heights

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My positions on 2020 upcoming decisions, projects, and expenditures that I as your City Councilman will weigh in on and affect. There are plenty more, I picked a top 8.

1) Cease all activities relating to the roundabout at Bengal and 2300.

2) Make funds and city resources available to complete all pedestrian and bike striping near every school.

3) Approve city resources to repair failing water and sewer resources identified in the 2006 and 2013.

4) Make whole again those residents that have been
adversely affected by property damage directly linked to said failures.

5) Stick to the approved General Plan when it comes to low, medium, and high density designated areas. Every major neighborhood exception made is a failure, and I vote against them.

6) Begin the budget review, line by line, on night 1. Lobbyists, boondoggles, off-sites, firms being contracted to do city workers' jobs, will be eliminated to free up funds for the infrastructure repairs.

7) Continue working with UDoT to identify short term alleviations / solutions to the anticipated traffic on Wasatch.

8) Scrap the current PPD process, as it clearly on initial use did not have the desired outcome.

As your representative it is my responsibility to keep you informed as to what is happening in our city government, It is equally my role to listen to the citizenry and vote with any overwhelming majority, even it it disagrees with my opinion. It's right there in the word representative. Not many in politics realize that after getting into office.

Your ballots arrived this past week. Vote for whomever you believe will do the best to represent you, whether it's me or Scott. but please vote. The city council elections are often decided by 100 votes or less. Your vote counts.

Tim Hallbeck