Deborah Case

 City of Residence: Cottonwood Heights

Resident For: 5 years

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 My name is Deborah Case and I am a graduate of CSU, and a citizen of Cottonwood Heights, District 1. My degree is in Business, with an option in Strategic Management and an equivalent minor in Computer Science. This helped me work for startups and independent contract work for both individuals and businesses. My current work is within my family business of Commercial Investments. I have worked/volunteered enthusiastically with Unite for CH, here in Cottonwood Heights, standing up for thecommunity against overdevelopment abuses. 

I support the communitys’ safety, sustainability and its new independence as a city. I strive to maintain its character and vitality through greater walkability and green spaces, and the mitigation of building and traffic issues. I am committed to defending our canyons, our rights to clean air, and the protection of our limited natural resources and wildlife. We have many goals to achieve and need to ensure responsible balance in their creation. I will represent the residents of Cottonwood Heights’ values in maintaining and improving our wonderful community in creative and sustainable ways, to improve our lives and our future.

Thank you for being involved. Deborah Case 

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Doug Petersen

City of Residence: Cottonwood Heights

Resident For: 50 years

Occupation: Business Owner

Age: 62

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My wife, Cathy, and I have deep roots in Cottonwood Heights. We attended local schools and have raised our five children here. I founded Universal Signs and have been the President of that company for 37 years. Operating a business successfully requires not only leadership skills but also good financial management skills. As a strong fiscal conservative, these are skills I believe help qualify me to serve on the city council. I am accustomed to difficult problem solving and team building. I also have served this community in several ways.

Recently, I was the emergency preparedness coordinator for the city’s Cottonwood Creek District. Emergency preparedness is a key function our city fulfills. I also served on the local community council before Cottonwood Heights incorporated as a city where I fought against the proposed density of the Pinnacle Highland apartments. I believe public safety, police and fire, to be a top municipal priority. No other candidate has the informed vision for this city that living here for over five decades provides. It is my vision to continue all that is good about Cottonwood Heights and add to it as best I can working collaboratively with the Mayor and other council members.