Financial Forms

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Forms provided by Finance, on this web site, are for the benefit of vendors, employees, volunteers among others doing business with the City.  These include: W-9, W-2, W-4, Check request, Travel and Vehicle allowance or reimbursements.

Vendor W-9 Form
The Vendor W-9 Form is for businesses selling items to the city of Cottonwood Heights.

Cottonwood Heights W-9 Form
The Cottonwood Heights W-9 Form is for anyone writing a check to the city that requires the city's W-9.

Cottonwood Heights Sales Tax Exemption Form
The Cottonwood Heights Sales Tax Exemption Form is for vendors who charge sales tax, but need the form to avoid charging the city sales tax under the government exemption.

2016 Employee Mileage Reimbursement Payment Request

Check Request Form

Per Diem Mileage Request Form