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The following is intended  to give an overview of all Cottonwood  Height City Benefits for the current plan year. Not all employees qualify for all the benefits listed.

The complete 2019-2020 Benefits Book can be found here. 

Information on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act Employee's Rights can be found here. 

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Cottonwood Heights City is proud to offer a comprehensive benefits package to eligible, full-time employees who work 40 hours per week and part-time employees are offered all but medical. 

The employee shares the costs of some benefits (medical and dental), and Cottonwood Heights City provides other benefits at no cost to you (life, accidental death & dismemberment, EAP and disability). In addition, there are voluntary benefits with reasonable group rates that can be  purchased through Cottonwood Heights City payroll deductions.

BENEFITS SUMMARY: Plan Year July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020

Social Security Exemption: Cottonwood Heights is exempt from social security and has elected to contribute the 12.4% to a retirement account for individual employees.

Saving Accounts: URS or ICMA
Employees have the option to contribute to a variety of saving account options through URS or ICMA. Contributions can be made before or after tax payroll deductions.

Retirement Pension: A pension plan is provided and funded by the City on the employee’s behalf. Employees do not contribute to the plan. Tier II employees receive an additional contribution to their URS 401k, in an effort to more closely match the Tier 1 contribution rates.  

Medical Insurance: Select Health
The City offers a High Deductible Heath Plan (HDHP) for medical insurance. The city pays 85% of the plan cost. When electing the HDHP, the City contributes monthly into the Health Savings Account, $50.00 per month for single plans and $100.00 per month for both 2-party and family plans.

Dental Insurance: EMI Health
The City pays 70% of the plan costs. Employees have access to both the Advantage and the Premier Networks for no additional cost.

Vision Insurance: VSP Vision

This coverage is optional and paid for by the employee.

Life Insurance: Lincoln Life
The City provides basic life insurance of $50,000 at no cost to the employee. Spouses receives $10,000 of coverage as do each of the employee’s children. An Accidental Death and Dismemberment policy is also provided to the employee in the amount of $100,000. Employee have the option to purchase additional voluntary coverage.

Short and Long Term Disability: Lincoln Life
This benefit is provided by the City at no cost to the Employee.
Short term disability coverage pays a benefit of 60% of the employee’s wage, with a maximum benefit of $1000 per week, for up to 11 weeks. Long term disability coverage pays a benefit of 60% of the employee’s wage, with a maximum benefit of $6000 per month. Benefits can continue to age 65 if the employee is under age 60 at the time of disability.

Employee Assistance Program: Intermountain Healthcare

This benefit provides short term confidential counseling for employees, their spouses and children. There is no out of pocket expense to the employee and the plan is paid for by the City.

Cafeteria Plan: The City offers a 125 Flex plan and a Limited Flex plan. The employee designates funds they want set aside pre-tax to use for medical costs, dental, vision expense and/or child care costs.

Non Sworn -Paid Time Off:
PTO is accrued starting on the first pay check. The accrual rate is based on years of service.

Police Officer -Paid Sick and Vacation Time:
Sworn Police Officers accrue eight (8) hours of sick pay per month. Vacation pay is accrued at the rate of eight (8) hours per month for the first eight years of service, after that vacation pay is increased.

Non Sworn -Paid Holidays:
Employees receive eleven paid holidays are year.

Police Officer -Paid Holidays:
Sworn Police Officers are given a total of 96 holiday hours per year. Holiday hours are accrued on a quarterly basis. Hours for the quarter are added on the first day of the quarter and must be used by the last day of the quarter.

Personal Holiday:
The employee is given one (1) personal holiday each year that can be taken at the employee’s convenience.

Tuition Reimbursement: This program is to provide employees equitable financial assistance for courses of study which are directly related to the employees’ current position or are beneficial to the City. Employees must attend an accredited educational institution. We currently reimburse up to $2000 per year. This is available after employees have been working for one year.

Recreation Center: Employees and their family members are eligible to join the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center for half price. The Rec Center also offers full time, benefited employees a free Premium Day Pass upon request.