Your Government

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The elected officials and staff of Cottonwood Heights are here to serve you and are committed to the city’s mission of creating and enacting policies which improve and protect residents’ quality of life.

We are devoted to your needs, and will do all we can to ensure that our policies, processes and oversight are fair and transparent.

Elected Officials

Cottonwood Heights is governed by a mayor and city council. Each council member and the mayor are voting members of the group. The mayor and council members meet every Tuesday (unless otherwise indicated) for two "work sessions" and two "business meetings."   To find out more about the mayor and council, click here.

City Manager

The day-to-day operations of the entire city happen under the direction of the city manager. The manager oversees expenditures, administration, public safety, business/economic development and all other city business. To find out more about the city manager, click here.


No city can operate without proper financial oversight, and Cottonwood Heights is no different. Our award-winning finance staff is here to ensure that your tax dollars are used and accounted for properly. To check out monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial reports, click here.

Boards and Commissions

Aside from paid staff and elected officials, Cottonwood Heights also utilizes other volunteer commissions and boards that advise the city on a variety of actions, including planning, architectural review, adjustments, arts, history and event planning. To find out more about our boards, commissions and other committees, click here.

Police Department

The Cottonwood Heights Police Department is devoted to a single purpose: "Solve The Problem." Learn more about our law enforcement efforts here. 

Public Records

Cottonwood Heights is devoted to transparency concerning all the decisions and processes that affect residents and business owners in our city. To access all meeting agendas, minutes and other information, click here.

Public Meetings

The best government is one in which citizens take part. You are invited to attend all public meetings. To find out more about those meetings, click here.