Special Events Permits

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Any activity which is held on city streets and property shall require a Special Event Permit. “SPECIAL EVENT” means any athletic event, entertainment event or political event, whether held for profit, nonprofit or charitable purposes. It is unlawful to promote, advertise or hold a special event without first obtaining a Special Event Permit and paying the required fees.

You can learn more about the specific city code here.

When is a Special Event Permit Required?

A special event permit is required for all temporary events with an estimated number of 50 or more participants and spectators during any day of the event or having the following:

  1. Closing of a street including block parties (form required - see below)
  2. Blocking or restriction of public property
  3. Sale of merchandise, food or beverage
  4. Utilizing amplified sound
  5. Parades
  6. Sale of alcoholic beverages
  7. Construction of tents and portable restrooms

Requiring traffic migration or security

How Do I Apply for a Special Event Permit?

You can download a Special Event Application here.

You can download a Street Closure Authorization Form here.

If your event is a race or parade, you are required to attach a route map upon the submission of your application outlining each street that will be affected. Your application will not be processed without the route map.

Application Process:

  1. Complete the application in its entirety and submit the application with the applicable processing fee no less than 30 business days prior to the event date.
  2. Upon receipt of the completed application, the City Events Coordinator forwards your application to each department for final review and approval.
  3. Depending on the type of event, the applicant may be required to obtain additional permits or licenses. Please see the application for additional requirements.
  4. Upon final approval and review by the City Events Coordinator, a permit is issued and possibly could include certain conditions and/or restrictions for which the applicant will be responsible to meet.


An application processing fee of $268.00 must be submitted with the application.
Nonprofit organizations are exempt from applications fees, proof of nonprofit status must be provided.

Other fee requirements or conditions may be required by other departments and agencies.