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Butlerville Days Food Vendors 

This years event is scheduled for July 17 and 18, 2020. 

The application is available online. 

Food Vendor Application 


The rental for each designated space for the Event is $175, plus an additional $50 for any requested electrical service (collectively, the “Fee”). There is no exception to the Fee requirement. To be considered for a space, this Application must be filled out  by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, 13 March 2020. (City reserves the right, however, to entertain applications submitted after such deadline to assure an appropriate selection of food for purchase by Event attendees, as determined by City).

Although City will endeavor to inform Vendor of the acceptance or rejection of this Application on or before Monday, 6 April 2020 at Vendor’s telephone number or email address listed below, Vendor is responsible for verifying whether or not City has approved this Application. 

Vendor Buck Program

The program allows the city to create 6 $5 coupons to be used at your booth during the event.  If you agree to this your booth space rental will be $145 instead of the $175.    

The cash amount of the Fee required by section 2, above, will be reduced by $30 for each Vendor who agrees to accept $30 of "Vendor Bucks" as payment for Vendor's offerings on the same basis as cash. Vendor Bucks will be in $5 increments and will be produced and distributed by City for use by its volunteers, prize recipients, etc. Vendor Bucks will be redeemable only at the Event on 17-18 July 2020; will have no cash value; and will redeemable only for goods and services offered by the participating Vendors, game providers, etc. at the Event. No change or "cash back" from Vendor Bucks is allowed, meaning (among other things) that anyone using Vendor Bucks for goods and services costing less than the amount of the Vendor Bucks tendered as payment will forfeit the balance of the face value of such Vendor Bucks to the Vendor in question. No participating Vendor shall be required to, or shall, accept over $30 of Vendor Bucks.   

For more information regarding food vendor booths please call  Lyse Durrant at (801) 943-3190 ext. 102 or Ann Eatchel at (801) 550-8225.