The Cottonwood Heights Victim Advocate Program is committed to providing safe, free, and caring crisis intervention, advocacy, information and support to victims and secondary victims of violent crime in Cottonwood Heights. 



We believe in the value and dignity of every individual.  We respect and celebrate the diverse qualities of each individual.  We believe individuals have the right to live free from crime and without fear.  We believe individuals deserve to be treated with respect, equality, dignity, courtesy and fairness. 



  1. Provide crisis intervention and support to victims experiencing trauma. 
  2. Assess the lethality of victims’ situations and provide information regarding the potential impact of their situation.
  3. Assist victims to create comprehensive and thought-provoking safety plans.
  4. Assess the immediate needs of victims and provide referrals to community resources.
  5. Educate victims about their crime. 
  6. Assist victims to establish a foundation of support. 
  7. Assist victims with reparations and restitution. 
  8. Provide information regarding victim rights.
  9. Assist victims navigating the criminal justice system.
  10. Act as a liaison between the victim and the criminal justice system.


If you are a victim of a violent crime that occurred in Cottonwood Heights, regardless of whether you have filed a police report, please contact us.  We are happy to help!