Building Codes and Standards

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There are a few different sets of codes and regulations to consider when completing your project.  We've laid them out for you to make the process as clear as possible.

Building Codes

The following is a list of the codes (with state amendments) that are currently enforced in the city:

Design Factors

In addition to adopted codes, there are a few design factors to keep in mind when designing your project:

  • Seismic Category: D-2
  • Snow Load: 30-40 psf
  • Wind Speed: 70 mph sustained / 90 mph 3-second gusts; Exposure B or C
  • Frost Depth: 30"
  • Ground Snow Load: 43-57 psf for drifting
  • Elevation: 4500-5100 ft

Inspection Notes

  • Tinted primer required on all HVAC PVC joints.

If you have any questions about the codes and standards we enforce, call us at (801) 944-7060 or visit us at 2277 E. Bengal Blvd. during regular business hours.