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Thank you, Council Member Shelton!

Cottonwood Heights City to honor long-term Council Member

Post Date:12/12/2019

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For Council Member Mike Shelton, Service has Always been about Time 

By Tim Beery 

I had the opportunity to meet with Council Member Mike Shelton recently to discuss his eight-year term as the District 1 representative in Cottonwood Heights. As Mike reminisced on his career behind the dais, one theme continued to enter the conversation: The idea of time. Time given to a worthy cause, time spent pushing for what matters, time dedicated to the betterment of a city.  

“It has been a great experience, but it takes time,” he explained. “I had time, and I was able to use it to do what the residents elected me to do, which is to become informed about the issues by spending time.” 

It is through hours of meetings, and days leading into weeks that led into months, which allowed Shelton to appreciate his position.  

“When you dedicate the time and get involved with something, you come to love it,” he said.  

“Hopefully spending my time, as I was elected to do, helped me to make some small contributions to the city and community.” 

Shelton’s time did contribute to the city in a myriad of ways, including increased revenue sources for the city, improving how the city plows snow, and the building of new buildings and amenities throughout Cottonwood Heights. Projects and tasks such as these don’t build themselves, and for an elected official in a small municipality like Cottonwood Heights, it requires special dedication.  

“That’s what I was elected to do,” he said. “Take the time to learn what needed to be done. My constituents couldn’t do that. So it was my job to give my time to become informed for those who I was elected to represent.” 

“It is something that is always on your mind,” he continued. “It is every day, even when you are away from the city. It is something you think about. You’re thinking what needs to be done, what needs to be accomplished.” 

Shelton’s mindfulness has been evident through his tenure, and his dedication to his craft was not lost on his colleagues.  

“While working with Councilman Shelton over the last eight years, I have found him to be the epitome of an outstanding public servant, with a high moral compass,” said Mayor Mike Peterson.  

“Mike always wants to do the right things for our city rather than what might appear to be the most politically correct. For this and many other reasons, he will truly be missed,” the Mayor added.  

As is the case with most elected officials in Cottonwood Heights, Shelton leads an active life with duties and responsibilities separate from city service. Through this prism, he has gained an appreciation for the sheer magnitude of time it takes to keep a city running.  

“Having seen the time it takes to accomplish the tasks of the city, whether it is public safety or public works, the creation of a newsletter or a website, it all takes a tremendous amount of time and effort,” he said.  

As an elected official, Shelton made the most of his time. Now he is looking to allow others the same opportunity. As the city welcomes a new representative, we thank Council Member Shelton for his service.  

It was time well spent.  


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