Coming Together: A City with Community

Coming Together: A City with Community
Posted on 05/01/2018

By Council Member Tali Bruce

These past several months have been filled with concern and activism over many pressing issues in our community. Students have rallied for increased safety in schools while others have voiced their interest in protecting constitutional rights. Many are engaged in protecting our environment and air quality while concerns for growth and development continue. Topics of interest have led to polarizing actions and statements by different groups throughout our great country. Here in Cottonwood Heights, we can choose to come together as neighbors by focusing on all the wonderful things we have in common.

We all rely on roads to get us to school, to work, for running errands, and we want to travel safely and smoothly without fearing a pothole in our path. Living in the shadow of our beautiful Cottonwood canyons, we love our snow, but not on our roads. We expect and depend on timely and effective snow removal. 

We expect our neighborhoods to be safe havens for our evening jog or our child’s walk home from a friend’s house. We want to feel safe in our community and know that emergency services are only a phone call away. We know that a safe, vibrant environment is essential to our children’s education and want to provide them with all they need for success. We want happy memories for them and for them to have every opportunity we had and more.

We love our pets! We learn much from their unconditional love and their example of enthusiasm for life. We want a community that recognizes the value they add to our lives and that includes them in responsible and respectful ways. We also love the unique beauty of our community that drew us to live here, replete with trails, parks and an amazing recreation center that promote health, outdoor engagement and unmeasured contributions to our quality of life.

Unique as Utah funeral potatoes and fry sauce is our Old Mill. This slice of history stands tall in our community as a reminder of our roots. Cottonwood Heights citizens value the preservation of this symbol of a bygone era. The mountains we love also create a unique air quality challenge of which we are all aware. None of us wants to suffer the ill effects of particulate matter, ozone and toxic air conditions. Immediate and/or long-term damage to our health or the health of those we love is of concern to us all.

As we consider and focus on the many wonderful parts of our community that we all value, our differences begin to fade and common ground comes into focus. Not only in our personal lives, but in our community interactions and in the political arena, living the Golden Rule can help us expand the sphere in which we all feel valued and have worth. There’s a process that works! When we include everyone in that process, when we listen to each other with compassion, we create positive outcomes.

Cottonwood Heights isn’t just a physically beautiful community, it’s a place where citizens create a beautiful community to live in.