Winter on the Way

Winter on the Way
Posted on 11/01/2018

With winter upon us, we have a few reminders for residents and drivers that will help with snow removal and avoid costly consequences.

Residents are asked to trim their trees away from the road, removing overhanging branches that can force plows around roadsides.

City code requires that all property owners trim their trees at least 13 & 1/2 feet over roadways. Without a clear path, plows cannot push snow all the way to the side of the road. Overhanging trees can also cause damage to trucks, incurring great costs.

Residents can also keep roadsides clear during (and especially after) storms by removing garbage cans.

Please bring your garbage can in as soon as possible to avoid blocking the plows.

We also remind drivers that parking on the street directly before, during and right after a storm is forbidden, and could prevent or delay your street from being cleared.

As always, we appreciate your help with snow removal.