Wildfire Prevention Efforts Underway

Wildfire Prevention Efforts Underway
Posted on 05/01/2018

By UFA Assistant Chief Mike Watson

Ever since a fast-moving wildfire burned and threatened homes on July 4, 2017, city leaders and the Unified Fire Authority have been working to ensure that a similar situation does not repeat itself. The devastating threat of wildland fire is heightened by the careless and sometimes illegal use of fireworks. The City Council took immediate and swift action to prohibit the use of aerial fireworks to reduce the threat during Pioneer Day celebrations, and since that time, the Utah Legislature and other groups have worked together to change fireworks laws for safety in the arid climate of Utah. The new measures shorten the period when fireworks can be used and grant greater control to local jurisdictions according to specific needs.

With the urging of engaged citizens, the City of Cottonwood Heights, Unified Fire Authority and other qualified agencies are coming together this spring to evaluate wildland interface areas around the city. As in years past, fire mitigation plans and information that benefits both undeveloped land and developed properties that border these wildland areas will be communicated and shared with the public.

Residents living next to undeveloped parcels of land or in areas prone to wildland fire can also find educational materials related to landscaping, building materials and prepare for wildfires at https://ffsl.utah.gov or through Cottonwood Heights Emergency Management for wildfire mitigation and preparedness educational materials.