Wasatch Front Waste News & Notes August 2018

Wasatch Front Waste News & Notes August 2018
Posted on 08/06/2018

Keep Recycling

By now you have probably heard that recycling fees have increased and at times have been higher than landfilling the materials. It’s also important to know that landfilling the recycling will not reduce costs.

WFWRD remains committed to providing residents avenues to recycle. The current services of weekly collections will continue because it is still worth it for the environment and the future costs of not recycling.

Here are a few tips to keep costs as low as possible:

Keep it clean: Make sure items are emptied. You don’t need to wash your  recycling, just a quick rinse if needed. 

When in doubt, throw it out.

No plastic bags of any kind. Even bagging your recycling and placing the bag in the curbside recycle can drive up costs.

Area Cleanup

The Annual Area Cleanup program is underway! Cottonwood Heights residents can expect to see Area Cleanup containers from Aug. 24 through mid-September. Residents will receive a postcard in the mail identifying the exact date that the containers will be in their neighborhoods. Residents can also use WFWRD’s Address Lookup Tool at https://slco.org/wfw/ to find their specific scheduled date. Additional information about the program can be found on WFWRD’s website at http://wasatchfrontwaste.org/area-cleanup.