Sept. 2018 Educational Profiles

Sept. 2018 Educational Profiles
Posted on 10/01/2018

A Decade of Distinction: Canyons District Celebrates its 10th year

On a brisk, clear day on Nov. 6, 2007, residents in the southeast corner of the Salt Lake Valley headed to the polls to vote in an election unlike any other. Their votes made history, giving rise to the first new school district in Utah in 100 years. Canyons District began independent operations on July 1, 2009. With a goal of preparing every student for college and careers, the District reconfigured grades and school boundaries, created Utah’s first advanced diplomas, and watched graduation rates, year-end test scores, and college scholarships soar. The Board of Education has awarded some form of pay increase for teachers and employees every year, even during the Great Recession. Twenty-one schools also have been, or soon will be, rebuilt or remodeled, and recreation areas like the popular Mountview Park are reality. Needless to say, the partnership with CH and resulting creation of Canyons School District has been invaluable to our community.

Canyons District Teachers Honored by City

Members of the City Council and staff gathered to honor the Canyons School District teachers of the year during a luncheon on Aug. 14 at City Hall. 

THE HONOREES: Brighton High-Natalie Meyer, Butler Middle School-Paul Fonnesbeck, Oakdale Elementary-Brett Jewkes, Ridgecrest Elementary-Amanda Lundberg, Bella Vista Elementary-Rebecca Randolph, Bulter Elementary-Parys Lightel, Canyon View Elementary-Carolyn Armstrong.

Bengal Groundbreaking

Several students, alumni, civic leaders and school officials gathered to commemorate the official groundbreaking ceremony for the new Brighton High School on Aug. 9.

Construction has already begun on the site, where the new school will be built in phases over the next 2 1/2 years.

City Council Members Tali Bruce and Scott Bracken participated in the ceremony.