May 2018 Featured Artist: Carin Fausett

Posted on 05/02/2018

Carin Fausett has received honors and invitations to speak from some of the top museums in Utah: The Springville Museum of Art, The LDS Church History Museum, and Brigham Young University's Museum of Art.  She received her BFA in 1995 from BYU with an emphasis in Fine Art and Sculpture.  Since she started out with hearing and sight loss, it was difficult for her to connect to the world. Art became her way to communicate. Because of this, Fausett recognized the isolation that her sons experienced with addiction. One of her sons, after years of battling addiction, gave up the secrecy by posting his entire story on Facebook. Later, he created a painting about the weight he released and the hope he gained. Hope is vital; it is the reason The Resurrection Exhibit was created.  To give hope to recovering addicts, their families and friends, on May 5 from 7-9 p.m., artwork produced by those in recovery will be on display at City Hall and available for purchase. Come and support their bravery and hard work.  Everyone has been touched by addiction, but not everyone understands.  This is a perfect opportunity to learn.  Along with original artwork by those in recovery, 12 paintings about The Steps created by Fausett will be displayed.  Prints of her artwork will also be available. 

Join us for a night of real art with real meaning hosted by the Cottonwood Heights Arts Council and supported by some of the best recovery programs in the state.  Representatives from each program will be there to answer questions. 

The exhibit will run the entire month of May. 

After the opening night, the artwork may be purchased online or through Fausett's website.  Links will be available on the Cottonwood Heights City website