January 2018 Featured Artist - Flossie Kehr

Posted on 01/03/2018

Flossie Kehr was born in Elkins Park, a suburb of Philadelphia in 1951.  Her grandmother loved to paint as a hobby and would invite her to paint on Sunday afternoons. Flossie became fascinated with her grandmother’s works and decided to become an artist herself. Along the way, she married, traveled and had a family.  She eventually became an entrepreneur of her husband’s family label printing company. After retirement in 1999, Flossie decided to return to her passion for art after a good friend gave her a watercolor set and a gift certificate to a painting class. In 2000, she moved to Utah, where she could also follow another passion: skiing. After enrolling in an art class at the Petersen Art Center, she rediscovered her love for painting.  Flossie enjoys painting people, street scenes, landscapes, old cars and animals, and creates her ideas through photographs she has taken. Her mediums are oil and watercolor, and her artwork has been shown all over the Salt Lake City area in galleries and restaurants. Flossie has won awards at the Utah State Fair and ISA (Intermountain Society of Artists) art shows.  Flossie lives in Cottonwood Heights with her husband, Roger, and poodle puppy Thena.