Feb. 2019 WFWRD News & Notes

Feb. 2019 WFWRD News & Notes
Posted on 02/01/2019

Broken/Damaged Cans

If your garbage or recycle can is broken or damaged, please call WFWRD at 385-468-6325. They will come and repair your cans as part of your fees for services. You can also complete an online service order request: https://wasatchfrontwaste.org/report-a-problem-or-request-service/



Did you know that WFWRD provides landfill vouchers to residents? These vouchers give Cottonwood Heights residents up to $12 off one truck or trailer load of bulk or green waste. You can obtain these vouchers if you have the ability to haul your own truck or trailer loads to the landfill. The vouchers can be obtained at Cottonwood Heights City Hall.


2019 Collection Rates Stay Same

The Wasatch Front Waste fees for 2019 will remain at $17 per month/$204 per year for one garbage can and one recycle can, plus all the other services you get in your service package.

There is an increase to the fees for the Trailer Rental Program in 2019. Green waste trailer rentals will increase from $40 to $45 per rental. Bulk waste trailer rentals will increase from $125 to $145 per rental. There are also additional fees of $15 per mattress piece, $12 per refrigerator and $3 each for tires disposed of in the bulk rental trailers. Please refer to the 2019 fee schedule online (https://wasatchfrontwaste.org/rates-fees/) for more details on all district fees.

Customers can help keep fees low by recycling as much as possible. Over 60 percent of the materials at the landfill can be recycled.