Butlerville Days Parade 

Date -  July 24, 2018

Time -  3 P.M.

Start of the parade – 2700 E. Fort Union Blvd.

End of the parade – 2325 E. Bengal Blvd.


The procession will travel along 2700 East, beginning at Butler Elementary and turning onto Bengal Boulevard and ending at 2325 East.



congerThe Butlerville Days committee is proud to announce Gayle Conger as 2018’s Parade Grand Marshal.

Gayle’s ancestors were some of the original settlers of Danish Town, where she has lived her entire life.

As one of the founding members of the Cottonwood Heights Historic Committee, Gayle’s contributions in preserving the city’s heritage are priceless. Conger has spent thousands of hours mapping and collecting the history of the area and led the efforts to develop historic markers installed on the Big Cottonwood Canyon Trail. Recently, Gayle collaborated in creating the committee’s history book about the first 100 years of Cottonwood Heights.

Gayle attended Butler Elementary, Union Jr. High and Mount Jordan Jr. High, and graduated No. 2 in her class from Jordan High School. Gayle also graduated from BYU and later became the first female manager of the engineering department at the phone company.

Thanks, Gayle – for keeping Cottonwood Heights a great place to live and for upholding our city’s great heritage.


Please fill out the online form below to register as an entry in our BVDays 2018 Parade. If you are unable to access the online form on this page, you can access it through this link.