Meet the CHPD Officers: Casey Davies

Meet the CHPD Officers: Casey Davies
Posted on 08/04/2015
This is the second in a series of articles that introduces the citizens of Cottonwood Heights to their Police Department Officers and helps us get to know them.

Casey Davies comes from a family dedicated to law enforcement. His father worked for the Murray City Police Department for 30 years, and his brother is currently serving there.

Casey has been married for 15 years and is the proud father of two girls. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and "all things outdoors."

Since 2000, he has served with the Salt Lake County Sheriff ’s Department as a Corrections Officer, with Sandy City as a Patrol Officer and with Taylorsville Police Department in various capacities, including SWAT and detectives.

Casey was hired in 2008 and is an original member of the Cottonwood Heights Police Department. Officer Davies is a qualified instructor in Tasers, firearms, control (defensive) tactics and SWAT. He trains new recruits as a Field Training Officer. Having served in a variety of law enforcement positions, Officer Davies chose to return to the patrol officer beat at the CHPD, where he serves now.

Casey enjoys his job and looks forward to coming to work for each new day’s challenges.

Asked what his greatest pet peeve is, Officer Davies responded, “Parents who influence kids to fear police officers.” Kudos and thanks to you, Officer Davies, for protecting and serving the citizens of Cottonwood Heights!