Traffic and Pedestrian Safety is a Partnership

Traffic and Pedestrian Safety is a Partnership
Posted on 09/03/2018

By Stan Rosenzweig

We can succeed at keeping everyone safe if we look at traffic safety as a partnership between those of us walking on the sidewalks, those of us driving in cars and those of us riding bikes. Pedestrian safety on our Cottonwood Heights streets is always a major concern, and it is even more so for those walking to and from our neighborhood schools.

When we are driving, biking or walking, we can improve traffic safety if we are vigilant and aware of other drivers, riders and pedestrians who may be a little too distracted for their own good. The "other guys" may not be following good common sense, or may not be where we expect them to be. Are there kids playing hide-and-seek, hiding behind and between parked cars? Double-check your surroundings when backing up or driving in low visibility weather. Driving at lower speed in school zones will help, too.

When we are walking, we can improve pedestrian safety by staying alert to traffic around us. Stay on the sidewalk, wear light, bright or reflective clothing, use crosswalks and observe traffic lights and signs, as they all help drivers see us. And be sure to teach these important reminders to school kids.

Finally, neither drivers nor walkers should allow themselves to be distracted by using cell phones, or alcohol, other consumables that impair reflexes. The key to traffic safety success is awareness of everything going on around us as we walk, ride and drive. This is especially true around schools.