Citizens Academy Strengthens Bonds

Citizens Academy Strengthens Bonds
Posted on 06/01/2018

By Robbie Russo | CH Police Chief

In its second year, the Cottonwood Heights Police Citizens Academy provides not only a glimpse into life as a police officer but allows participants to engage with the police department at a meaningful level. The program, offered every spring, also helps the CHPD interact with citizens. The result is often the building of lifelong trust and friendships.

Cottonwood Heights resident Robert Winslow described his experience well in this personal, unsolicited review of the project. I thought you might like to read it. He writes:

"I just finished the 2018 CHPD Citizen Academy this past week. I want to congratulate CH City, and the Police Department on offering this type of training. It was a phenomenal course, one weekday evening per week over eight weeks. We had ‘graduation’ this week including a short speech by Mayor Mike Peterson, and Assistant Police Chief Paul Brenneman. The breadth of Academy topics included: Lethal Force, Firearms, Training Simulator, Salt Lake Valley Emergency Communication Center (VECC), SLC Jail Tour, Gangs, Narcotics, Criminal Investigations, Evidence Collection, Domestic Violence, K-9 Operations and Demo, Traffic Enforcement, SWAT Team operations, and more. What an eye-opener, hands-on workshop type of training!

“The academy included tours and outside practical work as well as workshop discussions, video clips, personal stories, and slides. It was a seminal time for participants who, like most citizens, usually see only the media-negative police reports. The police instructors are great humans with families, children and pets, trying to keep us all safe. Seeing the human side of these officers was a humbling experience that all CH citizens should experience. The police instructors conduct this Academy on their own time. If any CH resident is interested, watch the CH website, and CH Newsletter for the 2019 course."

Winslow was one of 25 residents who participated in this past academy. Classes were held Wednesday evenings during an eight-week program in March and April, consisting of interactive classes at City Hall and various field locations. If you have any interest, be sure to consider enrolling. I believe it will be well worth your time. It definitely is for us at CHPD. We are very much looking forward to hosting our third academy next year.